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The city of Pisa is just 10 km from Tirrenia. It is internationally renowned for its artistic wonders, including the famous leaning tower that stands tall over Piazza dei Miracoli, the streets by the River Arno when they are lit up at night, and its enchanting old town centre. As well as Pisa itself, the entire province is full of little historical, artistic and cultural gems that are just waiting to be discovered. For example, take the Calci Charterhouse, which lies just 10 km from the city in the Val Graziosa area and is now used as a Natural History Museum. Further south, it is worth stopping off at Vicopisano, a walled town with 12 tall towers dominating its skyline.

Another route of significant artistic interest introduces visitors to the Romanesque style of Tuscany, from the slopes of Mount Pisano to the parishes, monasteries, convents and churches of the towns of Calci, San Giuliano Terme and Vicopisano.


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